Thursday, August 6, 2009

And they're off...

It must have been boring for you guys watching our blog with bated breath and having nothing happen for a whole month. We just didn’t think you’d appreciate updates on house cleaning, paperwork and packing.
But things are different now….We’re writing this blog from a Starbucks in Singapore airport at 5am after having giant mugs of coffee to keep us going through the night. We’ve tried sleeping across the plastic chairs but they’re too uncomfortable.

The day and a half in Perth was great – we walked about a zillion miles but pretty much covered the basics. Went shopping in the CBD, visited Freemantle (twice), walked the beach from Cottesloe to Swanbourne, had lunch at Little Creatures and all the while soaking up the sun in 22C weather. We flew out of Perth at 9pm and arrived in Singapore at 2:30am.

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