Thursday, August 6, 2009

18 Hours in Singapore

After the giant mugs of coffee at Singapore airport we perked up and headed out to explore Singapore. We caught the MRT to the CBD and went straight to a food hall we knew of from our trip to Thailand last year. After some tasty laksa and another fishy tasting dish, we wandered out to have a look at the Singapore Merlion– it was OK I guess but I thought all the tourists taking photos were making a big deal out of a concrete statue spitting water.

It must have been something like our Red Cross Appeal day over there as scores of teenagers were wandering the streets in yellow t-shirts asking for money, I asked one of them what is was about but only understood about every 3-4 words. I think it was raising money for a number of different causes but after refusing a few dozen yellow clad bandits I finally succumbed and donated some coins I had in my pocket. You might think I’m a sucker but it was a seriously good investment – not only did I not get bothered again all day due to the sticker they gave me but I made repeated use of their local knowledge asking any I saw where MRT’s, CafĂ©’s and Cinemas were located.

Anyway short story is we wandered around Singapore all day and saw some stuff, ate some stuff then made our way back to the airport for our evening flight to Delhi.


  1. sounds like you got a looooot of mileage out of those coins!! not quite sure how fair the exchange was. :)

  2. Good to see that your blog, as well as yourselves, are now on the road. We look forward to following your (mis)adventures. Yes, the little merlin is nothing to get excited about, unlike the rest of Singapore.

    Hello from Xiamen.