Sunday, August 30, 2009

Karna (Food)

We’re living, breathing, sleeping and eating at the farm so I thought I’d update you on the diet. My carnivorous tendencies have suffered dramatically since being here with only 1 or two meat meals (all chicken, which in Australia I think of as a kind of vegetable) per week.

In the morning we eat with the kids and have a porridge which is best described as “weetbix soup” in addition to some toast made from a heavy bread. Fortunately the managers being Aussie’s we do have vegemite to add to this but using cream instead of butter – a bit different but still OK. We get eggs twice a week as well.

Lunches are with the children also and usually consist of rice, dhal, peas and sometimes potatoes, cucumber and tomato. Dinners are just with the core staff and are quite varied with vegetarian curries, Chapattis (like pita bread) and pan-fried vegetables with some spicy pickles as garnish. We also have desserts such as rice-pudding, custard and last night even ice-cream.

Sometimes they’ll get a chicken and make a curry out of it but meat is quite expensive (about $2.50 per chicken!) so they try and stick with veg most of the time.

Of course each meal is washed down with Chai (Tea) which, depending on the maker, has between 2 and 17 teaspoons of sugar per cup!


  1. Some students from school went to the Phillipines with Habitat for Humanity and one of them was telling me how she found it really hard to eat the food one night (I think it was some kind of fish).

    Then she realised that the kids and mum were sitting back while they (as visitors) and the men ate. They were waiting for the left overs. She was caught. Not eat and be respectful. Eat and contribute to some hungry tummies.

    (I shouldn't rub it in ... but Tim's first try at lasagne last night was stella. And the left overs? They'll last us two nights.)

    Did you facebook that you bumped into those street kids again on another trip to town ... What happened with that?

    Kate Bom

  2. Hey, I'm glad you posted that. After your meat comments on my FB, I was going to ask for a bit more info on what you do eat. The diet sounds better (read: more appetising) than mine in South Korea, I will say. :) LOL over chicken "as a kind of vegetable"!