Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 4 - Independence Day

Saturday, July 4th is the first day of our new adventure. We have finished work and are entering the planning phase of our big trip. Our plan is to travel to India and China over the next year and experience all these cultures have to offer. After 4 weeks preparation we will fly out to India in August and spend some time helping out at an orphanage near the Nepalese border (

Check in from time to time to see how we're going - we'd love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Woo! We've finally gotten rid of him! Have a great experience guys

  2. Mate, good to hear your still living the dream; however I suggest you do something with the facial hair before getting to India! Good luck with the travels

  3. Hi Brad & Miriam. Good Luck with the planning; not long now. Look forward to reading your Blog and seeing your photos. Regards from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Walter & Lee Tuan

  4. Hi Miriam

    Thank you for your EMail. Truly appreciated.

    Hoping my response reaches you.

    I am sorry we did not catch up for coffee or lunch before you left. Unfortunately we have been flat chat also.

    Sending my Best Wishes for some happiness to you and your Family for the future. Hoping that life is much kinder to you. Wishing you and your husband a safe happy journey. Admire the work you will be doing and absolutely will be checking in on your travels. Appreciate you sending the link.

    Would love to travel overseas in relation to some form of voluntary work at some point in my life before I get too old to be useful. That was the plan had we won the Tuesday XLotto. Would have been lovely to be able to give the majority away to Organisation that take care and look after those less fortunate.

    In the interim will look forward to checking in on your travels.

    Take Care and Stay Safe.

    Wishing you every happiness in life and success in the projects that mean the most to you.

    Kind Regards


    Gail Erwin
    Manager |International Health Claims Management
    Marsh Pty Ltd    |   L5   108 North Terrace   Adelaide   SA   5000   Australia

  5. glad to see you're blogging again! look forward to reading the adventures of the crouch the name, btw. ;)

  6. Make sure you get good (quiet) tenants!

  7. Sounds like you have planned it well. Best of luck to the both of you and hope that you have a great adventure as well as an intense learning experience.

    Good luck

  8. Got your message. Hope to catch up for a game of golf before you go so I can beat you and have last bragging rights. Well done to you and Miriam for going on this fantastic adventure and seeing the world.

  9. Hey guys - safe travels! We'll be keeping you both in our prayers! Pete n Sal

  10. Looking at that map you have to travel about 10cm.
    Shouldn't take you too long.

  11. So ... I assume you've arrived safely.

    Except that you haven't blogged anything.

    Look. You gotta blog.

    I'm on a need to know basis.

    And I need to know what's going.

    So, once you've finished doing whatever mediocre and unimportant thing you are doing ... would you mind telling me what it is you have been doing.

    Kate Bom ; )

  12. Brad here - I'm posting a comment on my own blog to let you all know that the lack of blogging is due to my paranoia concerning free wireless networks. We should be posting a blog or two in the next few days.

    We're in Changi airport, Singapore at the moment waiting for our Delhi flight....7 hours until India!

  13. The neighbourhood has improved since those rowdy neighbours left. BTW You're still getting mail. I'll give it to Ash.
    I'm sure it must be bad karma to post on your own blog.
    A blog is not a blog unless you blog.

  14. Paranoia.


    You and my mum should get together.

    Kate Bom ; )

  15. Ha! No-one will ever read this comment, it's so out of date, but I will post because I owe it to Brad. Nice title with Indepenence Day, it would please the Yanks :)