Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good tidings we bring!

Miram and I have decided that we will continue on at the orphanage until Christmas. We are both really enjoying being a part of this place and the work we do here is very rewarding as it directly benefits the kids. It is a good time for extra helpers here as there is a new school building being built and a grade 10 class is about to begin for the first time (previously only up to grade 8). We’ll keep the blog up to date and we have appreciated all the comments and emails sent through to us. Some of those who have asked for bank details will soon be able to see your money in action over here with some upcoming blogs describing how the money is being spent, so stay tuned.

P.S. The picture was taken when Miriam and I were asked to judge a school singing competition (blog will appear soon)


  1. Phew! The last sentence was a relief. The photo looked like you had both joined the History class and had been naughty, and were sent out to the front so the teacher could keep a close eye on you both.

    Great news for the kids about your decision to stay on until Christmas. I suppose the longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave when that day comes.

  2. Hey Brad and Miriam,
    It's so good to hear what's been happening. Some amazing highs and lows and everything in between already- the story about the begging kids was quite sobering; the thought of 'little creature' in my room made me so glad I'm not you; and it is so wonderful that you feel 'at home' enough and comfortable to stay at the orphanage. We think of you often, pray for you, and miss you both heaps. Miriam, you look gorgeous in (what I am guessing) is traditional dress in the competition judging photo.
    So much love and hugs to you both, we await to hear more!

    Anne and Ben xo

  3. Hey, that is great news! I'm sure it is the hugest encouragement to everybody there, too. And Miriam, you look great dressed like that! Can we have a proper pictures please? :)