Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Creatures

After being shown the banded corite (a small venomous snake) found in the girls bathroom this morning, then having all the older ladies remind me to check all the corners of each room when we enter to look for snakes – I was already a little nervous walking back to our cottage in the dark with torrential rain. We sloshed along the flooded path, found a Leech on the door to our home, then more on the wall of our courtyard so we quickly checked our legs for leeches (the following day we found out that they might be only slugs, but are called Leeches in India – and looked to us like leeches). Miriam then walked in the front door and the biggest gecko we’d ever seen scuttled above the door frame, closely followed by another.

After getting ready for bed we discovered the biggest millipede we’d ever seen high up on the wall in our bedroom – we decided it was probably ok to leave it be, then we opened the window to get some breeze, and another gecko seemed to fly off the window ledge freaking Miriam out slightly. Then we discovered a black spider on the wall near Miriams head (luckily the man of the house came to the rescue of the fair maiden).

After pulling the bed slightly away from the wall, we went to sleep to the cacophony of croaking frogs in the rice paddies across the road. Then Brad awoke to something dropping on his face – we’re not sure what it was, as we couldn’t find anything. What a night !!!


  1. That's scary. Have you been in the shed yet?

    Could you include a pic or two of your cottage in a future post?

  2. it's one of my worst nightmares come glad i'm not there! :) i hope miriam is still enjoying herself!!!

  3. It looks like you two will have as much wildlife knowledge as David Attenborough by the time you come back!

  4. You're braver than me - I'd be on a plane home by now with all those creepy crawly things around, I think! Love the updates - keep them coming.

  5. Welcome to world of realities. Now you know that we need to share the environment with other living creatures, not just human beings! Once you get used to the surrounding, you will find to difficult to live without them. Enjoy your adventures...

  6. Um...I think that's a centipede...not a millipede. Having said that, I can't really tell. I would have killed it.

    Also, I was in the middle of a bible study (don't call me on Tuesday or Friday nights before 9:30 our time) the other feel free to call tonight or on the weekend.

  7. Hi Brad and Miriam!

    great to read about your experiences, traveling definitely broadens the mind :) Hope you continue to find joy in discovery.

    Don't forget to tell the orphans about India's space program. With your help, some poppet might be inspired to strive for being shot into space on a controlled explosion.