Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weighty Matters

Before we left, Miriam and I have been going through a particularly lethargic period. Too many restaurant meals and our sedentary lifestyles had caught up with us and we were both a bit on the hefty side. Well, it’s amazing what a change in diet, a bit of exercise and extended periods of sweltering heat will do. Between us we’ve managed to lose 15kg in 6 weeks! Brad has lost a whopping 10kg and Miriam, 5kg. That is the weight of this small child that we have photographed for the purposes of this blog. 
P.S. I'm now wearing glasses


  1. I think holding children rather than bags of potatoes is a very effective way to demonstrate weight loss. I would like to see this on that fat show on tv (um Biggest Loser), then I might watch it.

    No you're right. I still wouldn't watch it.

    Nice work. And how did this child take the news he was a prop, and what was his understanding of it?

  2. Brad - you've lost Grace!

    Maybe I should move to India once I pop out the next one. Won't take me so long to snap back into shape.

    Glad you're fulfilling your true reason for returning to the orphanage.


  3. Ah yes, did notice the glasses before the PS. Very studious-looking. Did they come with an extra dose of wisdom or is that only a side-effect of gray hair...? ;)

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