Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Kids On The Block

No, we didn’t organise an 80’s nostalgia night, we’re talking about 5 new kids that have arrived here at the orphanage since we’ve been here. Four boys - Shivam (5), Rampal (6), Vishal (6), Ankit (8) and a girl, Jyoti (9, 2nd from right). Surprisingly these children have fitted right in here without any hesitation or concern. The biggest hurdle for them right now will be to learn English as it is spoken widely here at the orphanage and attached school. 
Of the children here, most have at least one parent alive but due to family situations and poverty, they cannot look after the children properly and bring them here. The standard of living, education and future prospects are much improved by coming here and those who have parents can see them during scheduled “Parent Days”. Each of those shown above have their own unique personalities - Shivam (sweet), Rampal (rambunctious), Vishal (softie), Johti (story teller) and Ankit (after only 1 day here I'd say "determined to learn to swim"). The other children rally around them, showing them the ropes and helping them integrate.  

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