Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye India

Our time in India has come to a close. We’ve had a great time catching up with everyone at the orphanage, both kids and staff alike. In our time here we taught swimming lessons and computer training, installed the school security system, assisted with the school plumbing, updated records, along with day to day tasks such as cleaning, cooking and child-taming. This trip was quite different to our longer previous visit with less regular work to fill our days. Next time we visit, we’ll be more prepared and bring activities and materials so that we can more effective.
Our best wishes to the staff in the mad rush to complete the new school building by end of June and with the arrival of the monsoon. We have already heard reports of large downpours that are a mixed blessing – with cooler weather but making everything more difficult. We’re in Nepal now but you’ll hear more about that in the next few posts.

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