Sunday, May 19, 2013

In sickness and in health

Back in 2009/2010 we spent 8 months here at the orphanage with a hardly a hint of illness. This time however, both of us have had a bout of diarrhoea (Brad 1 day, Miriam 3) and Brad has just been out of action 3 days with a flu/fever illness. The staff and children have also been stricken by similar illnesses, every day it seems there’s someone missing from meal time or school. To combat this, the staff have decided to install a large water purification system - called a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. This system, installed in the dining room, will provide enough clean drinking water for all the children’s needs and better yet (from the children’s perspective) the water is then chilled in a cooling system, an excellent way to “beat the heat”. Miriam and I spoke with the staff about the cost of the system and it coincided with the amount that Miriam’s grandfather and Brad’s uncle provided us before leaving Australia – so a big thank you to them!

Kind of related to health is our weight which was at an all time high when we left Australia but thanks to India, we've both dropped a considerable amount (B 5-6kg, M 4kg). So if you're after a rapid weight loss regime we can recommend a dose of illness combined with low-energy food.

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  1. Having a baby and breastfeeding does the same...might not help Brad though... :P