Monday, October 4, 2010

3 more sleeps...

From Bangkok we over-nighted south to KL, then overnight to Tioman Island. We spent 10 nights there doing a lot of not much, a run in the morning for Brad and a swim in the afternoon for us both. By now we’re sick of eating out, and are keen to come home to the simpler things eg. Muesli for brekkie, jatz, cheese & vegemite for dinner or I’d settle for a big packet of salt and vinegar chips. 2 days before our planned departure from Tioman, Brad came down with headache, fever & vomiting, as his 3 week old Laos foot injury (which we thought had totally healed) blew up. So we decided to head to civilisation early to purchase some much needed antibiotics. Brad spent 3 days in bed with his foot up, only popping out to our favourite dim sum joint, whilst I shopped in Melacca and plied him with 100 plus and lollies. Once well enough to walk again, we hit the shops and movies in exorbitant fashion. Last night we treated ourselves to to chilli crab & devil curry in the Portugese coastal strip of Melacca. And this morning we headed off to KL, from where we’ll fly back to Australia on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you all soon...


  1. welcome home to the land of oz!

  2. Australia will seem very quiet for awhile. Regards from Inner Mongolia.