Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We're back - in fact we've been back for a while now but have been rushing across the country catching up with folks. We arrived on the 8th of October and spent a day with Miriam's parents before they flew overseas on a holiday. After catching up with friends in Melbourne we drove to Adelaide and spent a whirlwind 5 days catching up with friends and family before driving down to Mt Gambier to look after Miriam's parents farm. We've been here a week now and have embraced the farming lifestyle: driving the ute, checking the stock, wearing rubber boots and drinking far too many cups of tea.

We're off to Melbourne to pick up the returning parents tonight and then will be spending another week down here to help out with some odd jobs. After that, it's back to Adelaide, attempting to find work and a place to live.

So is this the end of our big adventure? Not at all, we've got some other things planned but you'll have to stay tuned to learn more!

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  1. Great to hear what you've been up to since your return. Been thinking of you both. Looking forward to hearing about the next chapter.....
    Love The Suttons x