Friday, April 9, 2010

Whirlwind re-entrance into India

So far we’ve celebrated our 10th anniversary. The new leper colony building has been officially opened – a big event with many special guests from the community in attendance. The school kids finished up their school year, with prizes given out for the top students for each year level. They have now started back for the new year, but will soon have a couple of months off over the hottest part of summer.

Brad got ‘spider licked’. No he didn’t get licked by a spider, but squashed a beetle on his neck during the night, unbeknownst to himself that it contained a highly poisonous poison. The wound blistered up, got really red and itchy, but has now pretty much healed itself. Others at the orphanage have not been so lucky, and have had huge infections take place from the same bug.

Had a rushed trip to Delhi to pick up a new American visitor from the airport. With our overnight bus stuck in a traffic jam for around 4 hours Our excitement was short lived when for the first time in India we saw people lining up in an orderly fashion, but as soon as the metro arrived the orderliness returned to chaos. Picked up a packet of imported Salt & Vinegar chips from Khan Market – I’ve been craving them since leaving Australia, and had not been able to find them anywhere in India or Malaysia.

Celebrated Easter, made even better by the arrival of Brad’s uncle and aunt who spent a few days with us at the orphanage, after having travelled around India since mid Feb. Was good to catch up with some familiar faces, and have them see where we’ve been hanging out and what we’ve been up to. They enjoyed the time out away from the hustle and bustle of India. And everyone benefited from their presence and fabulous culinary delights.

Brad turned 32, not his best birthday though as he was extremely busy with year 10 exam prep. Exhausted, Brad was still able to enjoy the beautiful supper prepared lovingly for him. Not only did he get spoilt with yummy butter chicken, potatoes, greens etc (which did turn out splendidly if I do say so myself), but his uncle and aunt also whipped up some apple pies in the gas tandoor oven. We shouted all the kids a tub of icecream for his birthday, which I’m pretty sure they all enjoyed as much as we did.

Year 10 Exam preparation is our main reason for coming back to India, and it is so hectic and all consuming. Brad is pretty stressed, exhausted, I’m his lacky, at his beck and call for any help required. We’ve held 2 practice exams so far, with another currently taking place. The real exams start on Monday, so it’s all systems go… We’re pretty nervous about what the results will be.


  1. Fun to hear about your news once again!

    Our house has been invested with bugs lately ... Found them in some pretty creepy places. No poisonous ones ... That we know of!

    Is the reason for the stress surrounding year 10 exams cos They determine what study they can do next? Praying they go well!

    Oh, happy birthday Brad! Looks like you had quite a
    feast ... And fun to have family round.

    Love to you both,
    Kate Bom

  2. Icecream for your b'day top work!

    Was thinking of you guys on Brad's birthday, glad to hear you had a good one.