Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas is approaching…

We’re actually looking forward to Christmas this year. Usually the lead up to Christmas is filled with frustration. The Christmas period in Australia feels like a huge commercialised thing, that doesn’t really relate to the whole reason for the day. Having to buy gifts (although we’ve given up on this over the last few years), dealing with the shopping crowds Urrgh…. I preferred the buying of a goat for a family in Africa etc. Or this year, buying gifts for orphans in India J

All the children and even the teens and adults are getting excited in the lead up. We started hearing about Christmas back when we arrived here in August, but the frequency of these conversations are rising now that there is under 2 months to go.

Over here I’ve been told that November is the month of purchasing all the Christmas presents, and December is the month of wrapping them (it takes a whole month as there are so many pressies). I intend to be as involved in this process as I can…that should keep me pretty busy.

Even though stuff in India is pretty cheap compared to Australia, Christmas day does cost a fair amount. Each of the kids are given 2 gifts, and a surprise bag, along with special meals on the day. But also somewhere around 70 former Orphanage kids who have grown up and moved on come back to celebrate the day here, so the Orphanage numbers will be high for a week or so over Christmas. I can’t even imagine where everyone is going to fit over this period (we might have to pitch a tent?).

If you’d like to buy some gifts for the kids or staff, this can be done online by clicking here , or we can provide you with bank account details for the orphanage if you’d like to send a dollar amount through specifically for Christmas presents or something else in particular.

Best wishes from us in the lead up to Christmas – don’t get too frazzled huh….

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