Thursday, October 8, 2009


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  1. Nice selection of photos. Hope the weather's cleared up now. When you were out and about down in Kolkata etc, how did you find the food. How does it compare with the Indian food home.

  2. The food was great but not dissimilar to what we get in Oz. I was surprised at the lack of "I feel an ulcer coming on" fire to the meals. We ate mainly at decent restaurant but also a few local-style eateries. some of the restaurants are vegetarian only but I made sure we also stocked up on meat meals while we could. Some favourites of ours was butter chicken which is a bit spicier than at home, pakora's (like fried mashed vegie's), Masala Dosa's (paper thin pastry with veg currie). Our favourite meal was a Thali (papperdams and assorted condiments) and Masala Dosa at a local restaurant - the food was great but we also had really good interactions with some of the other patrons.

    Of course none of the food has been a patch on Lee Tuan's cooking though ;)