Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cheap and Cheerful

Hi all - just thought I'd update you on some good news for any of those interested on visiting this place. Air Asia now offer a route to Calcutta (Kolkata) and the best thing is they're dirt cheap! I just dug around for a couple of minutes and figured out flights from Melbourne->KL->Kolkata for $150AUD one way. I'm sure if you hunted some more you'd get even cheaper.... From Kolkata it's only a lazy $10/24 hour train trip to Bareilly which is close to where we are. So if you have the time, now money can't be an excuse ;)


  1. that is crazy!!! tempting except for flying alone...

  2. If you're there in January, I'd seriously consider it. However, since you've said you're only there until christmas it probably won't work out, but let me know anyway.

  3. Bugga. Flights/accomodation to NZ booked months ago. Otherwise I'd (we'd!) be there.

    Love knowing that you're having an awesome time!

    Kate Bom

  4. Hi guys. We were thinking of you. This inspired us to get Indian for tea. So butter chicken it is from Urban Indian. Ah... laugh