Monday, April 15, 2013

Family, Farming, Fishing & Friends

To those faithful enough to keep watch on this blog for signs of life – here’s what we’ve been up to so far:

The day after finishing up at our jobs, we set off to Mt Gambier to catch up with family before leaving the country for an unspecified amount of time. Miriam’s dad, Peter, had us working hard from day one and we inexpertly assisted in taking down and rebuilding a 300m line of fencing. This involved Brad getting behind the wheel of a couple of tractors and the handlebars of a motorbike (to herd cattle). After Peter had made us work for our keep, Brad’s family got us to chop and cart about 4 ton of firewood – talk about child labour!

Easter was spent with both families, with all our siblings coming down from Adelaide as well. After this we spent some time with Brad’s family with a few days fishing at Nelson, Victoria. Miriam was ecstatic to learn that the boat could only hold 4 and courageously opted to spend her days reading in the sun, back at the cabin.

We were then off to Melbourne to catch up with Julie and family, with Miriam gaining a “shadow” in the form of a doting 3 year old named Annabelle. Our last day in Australia (for some time) was spent having a BBQ on the banks of the Yarra in superb weather and even better company.

We’re soaking up the sunshine (and the rain) in Phuket currently - but we’ll write about that later. On Friday we head to Singapore, then we're off to India.


  1. Nice work. Reading in the sun can never be over-rated.

  2. Glad your parents got you working ... making up for the time you'll be away I guess.

    Brad, hope you had a good birthday! Thought of you (though didn't manage a text).

    Kate Bom