Friday, September 3, 2010

Lazy Laos

After enjoying a relaxing week on Ko Phagnan not doing a lot, wetravelled for 30 hours by boat, bus & tuk-tuk to get to Laos. We crossed the border and headed south to a place called ‘Si Phan Don’ or ‘4000 Islands’ - a great little area of small islands on the Mekong river system, just above Cambodia. We had a lovely time taking in the beautiful vista from our bungalow with 2 hammocks perched directly above the fast flowing river (all for 30,000 kip/$4.10AUD per night). We hired some bikes and cycled the islands one day, taking in a great waterfall and teaching a local family about Australian crocodiles, snakes & spiders.
Other than that we simply read books and made the most of the social atmosphere.
Thoroughly chilled, we headed north for Kong Lo Caves where we had heard good reports. The cave is 7.5km long and is navigated by boat, set in amongst the lush green countryside it was definitely a worthy side trip on our way to Laos capital Vientiane. In Vientiane we again took in the sights by bicycle, but there wasn’t a lot to do there except soak up the French provincial feel. We moved on to Vang Vieng, the home of tubing and thumping riverside bars.
We enjoyed the picturesque karst mountain scenery, hit the countryside by pedal power and enjoyed the local organic produce (mulberry wine & shakes).
Life’s tough...


  1. Glad you're still having a good time you two! What no photo of Kong Lo Caves?

  2. Miriam are you reading Nora Roberts? Gosh

  3. Miriam.

    More to the point.

    Has Brad passed out from smelling your stinky feet?


    Kate Bom