Monday, May 24, 2010

Our Trip Thus Far...

We’re both recovered now, after a whole week hampered by a travel bug. We arrived in Manali today, where skiing, zorbing and fruit ciders await. Below is where we’ve been so far:-

- Arriving 5am, enjoyed sunrise over the Ganges watching pilgrims and locals bathing & performing puja – whilst eating Aloo Paratha
- Lots of flies – really, lots of flies
- Watching a religious ceremony in the evening – along with thousands of others

  • Striking Ganges valley
  • Miriam sick – flowing almost as fast as the Ganges itself

- Miriam still sick – Brad in sympathy joins her
- Antibiotics taken – recovery follows
- Great Tibetan meals consumed – minus chilli
- Relaxed tourist town – great walks & views

  • Something out of the twilight zone – stayed in Sector 22
  • Most western shopping mall we’ve seen in India
  • Fast food fix – McDonalds & KFC
  • The Rock Garden – a recycled wonderland
- Relaxed tourist hill station – former summer capital of British India
- Buzzing night life
- Thighs of steel required – lots of walking, steps & inclines

Top 5 conversations
  • Indian student attacks in Australia (many discussions) – one drunk guy even called us murderers
  • Gender bias & female infanticide in India
  • India’s Civil Service exam: on three separate occasions met people undergoing this exam in Shimla
  • Round Australia trip planning for an Indian-British national
  • Australia losing T20 World Cup to England (actually least favourite conversation)


  1. Chandigarh:Fast food fix – McDonalds & KFC

    How long since you have had junk food?

  2. It sounds like it'd be a shock to your systems to go back to a 9 to 5 office job.


    ps. Has everyone played "Blog Roulette" by pressing the 'next blog' tab...