Monday, February 15, 2010

Leaving Langkawi

I know the blogs have slowed down to a snails pace but then again, so have we. We've been in Langkawi where watches are a sign of weakness and the main activity is reading books and lazing by the beach. Seriously, that's it. OK there's one exception when a few days ago we got up at 8am (I'd forgotten there was such an hour) and went on an island hopping tour complete with feet sucking fish, hungry eagles and pringle-stealing monkeys. With so little to report I might just show you a few photos's.

We're off to Cameron Highlands tomorrow where there is hiking to be done and cool air to be breathed. We'll let you know how it turns out!


  1. Did you manage to get some meat at all while you were there?

  2. Hi Miriam and Brad,
    I hope you took notice of the litter sign, provided you could understand it?

    The butterfly is beautiful as is Brad in picture perfect, not. Good photo though as are many of the others. Good to see you both fit and healthy again.

    Praying for you both on your travels.
    Love Mum W