Saturday, January 16, 2010


There's a certain amount of pride you get from not succumbing to Delhi Belly after 5 months in India - but pride cometh before a fall and we fell pretty damn hard! Within 24 hours of hitting KL we were laid flat by a nasty stomach bug that made life pretty miserable for a while there. To make matters worse the hotel we were in was booked out so we couldn't extend our stay, feeling pretty feeble we booked another hotel and continued to be ill. We're on the mend now but have decided to stick around KL until the 19th to ensure a complete recovery.

One thing I've forgotten to mention is that on the way to KL we met a pretty inspirational lady, Ann Wilson. She's a 59 year old British lass who decided to ride across the world on a bike - We helped her box her wheels at Kolkata airport - We were kind of busy packing most of the time so we didn't hear a lot about her story but she has a blog which we'll be reading with interest! We even got a mention! She'll be travelling through Malaysia so we might well meet up with her again.


  1. Trust you're both feeling better very soon! It's very, very cold here. Blessings Rick

  2. Hey, when I travelled with Indonesians in KL, they picked the street vendors with care.
    (Too late for that advice for you)
    I recommend the Prince Hotel.