Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get the violins out...

Showing affection to ones hubbyland (husband in orphanage girl vocab) in public…

We realized how bad it had gotten when the other day when Brad was standing outside soaking up a small patch of sun. I walked over, and we both leant in for a quick peck, got to the point of almost touching, then both leapt back and quickly looked around to see if we’d been spotted by the romance police. We actually looked up and Brad made a joke about it being ok, as the satellites wouldn’t be able to see us through the foliage above. While my imagination went wild with snipers picking us off and SWAT teams lowering themselves from above.

The adult crowd…

The other night for the first time we had a “moment” which was really quite fun – some of us younger adults were playing “Jenga”. There was six of us ranging from 23-31 (me being the oldest) and we were just hanging out and enjoying each others company. I really enjoyed this brief time together and realized that we had not done such a thing since we left Australia. There’s something about just hanging out with your friends that I miss and it brought back some memories of all the good times we’ve had with those back home.

Department stores…

Being able to buy everything you need in one shop. Here you need to go to half a dozen shops to find what you’re after. Give me a Target or K-mart anyday…

Daily meat intake

Whilst Miriam has no trouble with the vegetarian diet on offer here, Brad feels quite saddened by the lack of carnivorous offerings. We have meat 1-2 times a week (mainly chicken) but he longs for the days when he could stop off at Macca’s for a bacon & egg McMuffin meal, have a long lunch with work colleagues and devour a beef schnitzel, not tell Miriam about it so they could then go out to CafĂ© Michael on Rundle St for dinner and gorge on rendang beef and red curry chicken. Needless to say that due to the lack of such a diet he has dropped 7kg and 3 holes in his belt so I guess it’s not all bad. This diet recently drove him to a nearby town for a “date” with both Miriam and a meat-filled plate. Unfortunately the only restaurant he knew of, spied on a previous trip, turned out to be vegetarian. Chilli Paneer is nice, but no substitute for the mutton kebabs, butter chicken and fried chicken he had planned to consume.


  1. I really wish you potatoes wouldn't write in mish mash of third person and first person. Now that your grammar lesson has ended....

    This a cute little post I must say. I do think of you often and wonder if you miss some of those seemingly ordinary daily things. Oh yeah I picked up on you Brad missing the meat. Kinda hard to miss that one.

  2. I should have bought more boxes of tissues on the weekend. Three just wasn't enough after all the weeping we did while reading your blog. It is hard to post while we cling together, tears free flowing.

    Our chicken stir fry tonight was good. And we've been eating a lot of lasagne lately. Someone's got to.

    Ahhh. You miss the things of Oz. We miss the things of Crouch.

    As an English teacher I concur with Jez. This flip flop between first and third person won't do if you are going to continue to teach the world's future generation.

  3. FYI. Kate Bom wrote the above.

    Ditsy end of year brain didn't sign name.

  4. Brad & Miriam do knot think theirs a problem with the weigh they right, wee look at the spell chequer every thyme and they're is nothing wrong with the tents to!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh!

    Have you been copying from my year 9s?

    I am going to have to reassess if I can keep reading your blog.

    Kate Bom