Monday, September 7, 2009

Hairy times.....

My hair was getting a bit long (almost an inch!) and I expressed a desire to have it shortened mechanically. Rick, one of the management here, recommended that I approach Daya (pronounced die-ya) who is one of the “big boys” (17 years old) to get it cut. Daya and I go way back as he was the interpreter to the Bareilly beggar kids and he is also in the year 10 class I assist with.

There’s a big difference though in having someone interpret for you and trusting them to have a go at your head with scissors. My fears were allayed quite quickly when he started snipping quite professionally, using a jumbo sized comb to achieve the desired length (very short).

My fears returned when I realised that he was using a plain razor blade to shape the edges but he didn’t shed so much as a drop of blood, much to the disappointment I’m sure of Miriam and Rohit (another smaller kid here). I must say I was pretty impressed by the standard of haircut and tipped the barber enough money for a Mountain Dew soft-drink (50 cents).


  1. yes, yes, you're a brave man...but then again, how can you really go wrong when the desired outcome is as little hair as you like to keep!

  2. good to see your hair is back to an acceptable standard! ;=)

  3. Don't worry so there's no arguing which cut ist better. :-)